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How we became breeders

In 1996, we decided to enrich our four-headed family with a dog.
We choosed the West Highland White Terrier briefly called "Westie".
So we searched for a breeder and bought our first female westie.
Bonny came at the age of 8 weeks to us.
Her dear and friendly nature charmed all family members.
She had a lot of temperament, was a perennial companion for walks,
very docile and sometimes a little stubborn.
Just a real terrier.


Because of Bonny came up a great love of this breed lies,in us the desire arised
to breed the West Highland White Terrier, to the best knowledge and conscience.
So we began leraned a breeder should know.
Because our Bonny was to old for breed, we bought our first breeding male dog
Cherrylin from the kennel Schloss Schwülper (champion breeding) in 2003.

Cherrylin als Welpe

Cherrylin 1 Jahr alt

Cherrylin 1. Show

In 2005, we applied for our kennel name protection and for permission in the terrier club. Mrs E. Peper, chairwoman of the Judge and Westie breeder herself examined our knowledge for the breeding permit, she accompolished the kennen-inspection and gave us provisional breeding permissions on the 15th August 2005.

After all our dream got real.
Our first litter was in December 2005. They were 6 healthy and lively puppies, one male and five females.

Cherrylins Welpen

Cherrylins Welpen

The unlimited breeding permission we received by Mrs. Dost, National Group Chairman Westphalia in the club for terriers, on Jan 29th, 2006.
With us the dog is not seen as a thing. They alllive together with us in the household. Our garden is open at any time to play, too, romping and exploring nature are available.

Diva und Aura

Diva, Aura und Merlin

We give informations about our dogs, breed or our breeding disposal to everyone who is interested in one of ohre puppies.
Sometimes we present our dogs to dog shows.

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