of Rainbow Palace

We expected puppies from the follow combination

Leon Westis vom Friesenhus - Extra Edition Ice Touch


Rudi Name
Rob Roy of Rainbow Palace

Litter from:     10/26/2018
VDH/KFT:        24 / 0055823
PL - 0
CMO - 0

stud dog
Unlimited breeding permission


 Catch the Spirit of Morningsky 

 The Dashing Devil's Touch Down 

 Surprise Westie Firecracker 

 The Dashing Devil's Tinkerbell 

 Walk Of Fame Of Morningsky 

 Tampa Bay Sunshine Celebration 

 Sweet Emotion Of Morningsky 

 Snow Princess od Bobika 

 Alborada Keyser 

 Alborada Kiran 

 Alborada Kadesh 

 Let's Go The Top Od Bobika 

 Easy-Going Du Moulin De Mac Gregor 

 Zetta-Lilly Od Bobika 

Impressions Rudi
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