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The variety of dog food on the German market is difficult to assess. Of course you only want the best food for your dog, but it should not cost a fortune.

Our pets are more and more harmed not only by environmental influences, but also by the ingredients in the feed. Contained chemical residues, Additives and preservatives, leave many diseases of our beloved four-legged friends arise and more and more skyrocket.

We pay attention to the following ingredients when choosing our food
not included are:

Animal and vegetable by-products, offals, Animal and bone meal, fillers

May include: brain, lungs, kidneys, blood, bones, wool, horns, tissues, tendons, Skin, urine, stomachs, intestines, glandular secretions, hormones from amniotic fluid of all animals, also cadaver and meat meal from animals from roofing and research institutes with all administered drugs, sewage sludge, greaves. Expired meat from supermarkets, some with packaging. Remains and waste of grain processing: such as peanut pods, spoiled grain, Straw, nutshells, rest from the production of cereals, bakery products. Fillers are inferior and hardly usable for the dog and burden the digestion unnecessarily.

Meat slurry, meat substitute

EU additives

BHA/BHT (E320/321) Butylated hydroxyanisole, butylhydoxytoluene are suspected Cause allergies or cause organic changes. Genetically modified foods provide a large proportion of soybeans and feed maize, come from genetically modified seeds.

Chemical additives
Such as attractants and flavorings, chemical colorants and preservatives (antioxidants), synthetic vitamins. Are partially not safe and can cause allergies.

Sugar, caramel
Often referred to as molasses.

K3 (Menadione)
An artificial vitamin K. is considered the trigger of many diseases. Unfortunately, K3 has to go EU standard can not be declared.

Oils and greases without specification
Sind meist minderwertige Öle sein z. B. Frittierfett

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How can one recognize a good dog food

The manufacturer of a good dog food breaks down the individual components of the food transparent and in clear order, including the by-products contained and additives. It contains muscle meat or meat meal as the main protein supplier with high% share. Cereals (preferably gluten-free), whole grain rice, millet buckwheat, spelled, Barley or Amaranth (plant genus). High quality vegetables and fruits well declared. High-quality oils and fats (salmon oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, etc.) no flat-fats. Favorable calcium-phosphorus ratio. All ingredients are approved for human consumption. According to the feed regulation, the manufacturer of a feed product must be his Publish contact data on the label so do not be shy to inquire in case of doubt. A manufacturer who is convinced of his product, will be happy to give you further information.

You can also cook for your dog, then you know exactly what´s inside. For this we recommend specialist literature from the book trade.

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