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Care of West Highland White Terrier

You should already have the puppy, as the owner of a Westies in the regular care of the fur
get used to the ears, eyes, claws and teeth.

In the grooming, they make their westie preferably on a table to the own
Back to save, to which you have previously placed a non-slip surface,
so that your dog has enough stability. The dog only completely against the grain and then
durchbürsten with the bottom line. Comb after the stroke well through.
This think head, armpits, inner thigh and abdomen of the problem areas.
The grooming is the first small test of strength for many young westie.
If they dropped the first resistance the brush, because this procedure
her dog does not like this can be the problem. Grooming must be,
otherwise resist threaten their elimination much harder and nastier
as the regular brushing and combing. In addition, the dog is later when trimming
fewer problems make, because the situation is familiar to him.

Westies should not be bathed, this damages the skin and hair.
The natural acid mantle of the skin is under attack.
The hair becomes soft by the Baden and thus loses its protective function against heat
and cold, wetness and dirt. Against a Unterbodenwäsche with lukewarm water
to remove mud during bad weather, nothing is wrong.
Shampoo should be used only in emergencies.

The westie is one of the breeds that do not shed hairs as well as.
He has a double coat. This consists of a soft dense Undercoat
and hard outer coat. The Undercoat has a warming, that top coat
a protective effect. Returning undercoat, stuck in the topcoat and
regular brushing will be removed. The harsh outer coat grows up to
a certain length and then dies. To get the protective function of the fur,
now is it the time, that your dog will be trimmed.
This is ausgezupft the dead hair, so new can grow.
That pluck the dead head serves the ventilation of the skin.
This is not painful for the dog, although some owners to find that.
This process has only the nature as a model, because earlier the westie of himself, this procedure was
by he ran through scrub and Mantraps, with tufts of hair have been ripped out.
The first puppy trimming is done at the age of 10 to 16 weeks.
The first proper trimming takes place with 6 months.
After that, their westie should be trimmed approximately every 12 weeks.

Is out-performing the dog, only soft coat (Undercoat) does stand.
The Undercoat is condenses and there is no ventilation of the skin.
This environment is an ideal habitat for bacteria and fungi.

There are only a few trimmbare not Westies, the so-called Woolies.
This will detect a good trimmer and give them tips for this skin condition.

Gain their westie, to let all of them touch
that facilitates the maintenance.

Regularly check the ears. We see no impurities,
Redness or scales, remains in control. When stronger ear lard secretions
with an ear cleaner, you instill and massage into the skin, clean the ear.
Then the ear lard dissolves. You will discover an inflammation, they must be the
Contact veterinarian so that the inflammation is not chronic.

The corner of my eye it clean with a damp cloth.

According to the feed of wet food moist wipe the dog`s snout,.
so that no Eczema in the lips fold may arise.

Many Westies expire their claws in a natural way, therefore they must be controlled
and be kept short. One waits too long, it can happen
that the vein further grow and one does not have enough cut can,.
which can lead to deformations of the paw and impairment of the power plant.
Check also the Wolf clawed of Forefeet, because these if they are not truncated
in the skin could wax.

Also the teeth should be looked up regularly.
Dog`s because diseased teeth and gums that are strongly affect
and can result in diseases. Pay attention to caries Tartar and periodontal disease.
Tartar has formed, there is today some means, however,
or you go to the Remove to the vet.
Care to the teeth is recommended, to give the dog chewing products and brush teeth.

Angelika Sparding

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